Electric Energy Engineering


Visualization of Phenomena Using Radio Remote Sensing, Computational Electromagnetics, and Signal Processing

Diagnosis for Power Equipment, Electromagnetic Brain Mapping, Applications of Signal Processing

Radio Sensing
Radio Sensing

We study how to "see" phenomena as follows:

We collaborate with domestic and foreign universities, institute, and companies.

Electromagnetic Brain Mapping
Electromagnetic Brain Mapping
Experiment Using Turbine Model
Experiment Using Turbine Model

Engineering Applications of Intelligent Information Processing Technique

From Robot Control to Renewable Energy Applications

Research meeting of rescue robot group
Research meeting of rescue robot group

Main research theme of our laboratory is the engineering application of the intelligent information processing technique such as fuzzy, neural networks, genetic algorithm, genetic programming, reinforcement learning, and so on. To achieve research theme, the staff in the laboratory divides into five research groups which are "Wheeled-type Mobile Robot Group", "Legged-type Mobile Robot Group", "Rescue Robot Group", "Rehabilitation System Group", and "Renewable Energy Application Group" and is studying.

Renewable energy experimental system
Renewable energy experimental system
Autonomous ATV robot
Autonomous ATV robot

For Future Environment Friendly Electric Power Conversion System

From the advanced motor control system to the creation of future power system

Two electric vehicles EV1 and EV2 which are made for trial purposes in laboratory
Two electric vehicles EV1 and EV2 which are made for trial purposes in laboratory

Research topics of this laboratory are on the power electronics technologies such as various power conversion circuits, power quality improvements, photovoltaic generations, electric motor drives, and various applications to the electric power system.

Especially, the most exciting topic of them is a sensorless driving technology of ac motors and generators without having the strict models of them. The driving system is robust because it doesn't use any parameters of the electric motors. It can be applied to the inverter controls for such as induction motors, permanent magnet synchronous electric motors, and reluctance electric motors without any reconstructions. Moreover, it is possible to be also applied to a control system of a utility interactive inverter.

In the laboratory, the effectiveness of this control technology is demonstrated with; The both EVs can run powerfully. These EVs based on the originally developed sensorless driving technology are allowed to run on the public road. The EVs are very popular among engineers in the domestic and international conferences, high school students and Technical College students in the open campus events. If you wish, please contact us to visit this laboratory and enjoy the new technology.

"P"s' Power Conserves the Earth's Environment

The Applied-Technology of the Pulsed Power and the Discharge Plasma

What happens when electric power as gigawatt* is deposited into the small space for an extremely short time? This extreme situation is the "Pulsed Power". There is a lot of application of the pulsed power in various fields. We investigate,

  • Removal the hazardous emissions as nitrogen oxide (NOx),
  • Waste water treatment,
  • Cancer therapy by electric pulse,
  • Research related to biomass fuel, and so on.

Another research project is the production of discharge Plasma with Piezoelectric transformer**. There are several subjects as follows:

  • Synthesis of ozone***,
  • Development of VUV**** source, and so on.

We also investigate the design of visible environment (lighting design).

What is Pulsed Power ?
What is "Pulsed Power" ?

Pulsed power fired. Compact DBD plasma reactor. Experiment for excimer lamp.
Pulsed power fired.Compact DBD plasma reactor.Experiment for excimer lamp.

*1,000,000,000 watts and it corresponds to the amount of peak power generated by YONDEN Shikoku Electric Power Co. on a summer day.
**A transformer utilizing piezoelectric effects. The piezoelectric effects can convert bi-directionally energy between electrical and mechanical.
***consists of three oxygen atoms and is an oxidant with low environment load as used instead of chlorine. It applies to sterilization, deodorizing, etc.
****Vacuum Ultraviolet ray whose spectrum is short in ultra violet rays. It is available for sterilization, dry cleaning, surface modification, etc.