Faculty Staff (in alphabetical order)

Updated on Jul. 10, 2018

(*: Instructor of Center for International Cooperation in Engineering Education)

NameResearch Topicse-mail
Masaki HASHIZUME*Dr EngDesign and Test of Electronic Circuitstume@ee. HP
Masahide HOJO*Dr EngPower Electronics, Power Systemhojo@ee.HP
Masatake KAWADA*Dr EngPower Eng, Sensing and Signal Processing, Electromagnetic Compatibility kawada@ee.HP
Tomohiro KUBODr EngControl Theorykubo@ee.HP
Masao NAGASE*Dr EngSemiconductor devices, Nanometrology nagase@ee.HP
Yoshiki NAOI*Dr EngCrystal Growth, Semiconductor Physicsnaoi@ee.HP
Yoshifumi NISHIO*Dr EngNonlinear Circuits, Chaosnishio@ee. HP
Takahiro OIEDr EngSpread Spectrum Commun., Inform. Processingalex@ee. HP
Takashi SHIMAMOTO*Dr EngCAD for LSI Layoutsimamoto@ee.HP
Naoyuki SHIMOMURA*Dr EngPulsed Powersimomura@ee.HP
Atsushi TAKADA*Dr EngOptical Communications takada@ee. HP
Takashi YASUNO*Dr EngAdvanced Motion Controlyasuno@ee.HP
Associate Professors
Masatake AKUTAGAWA*Dr EngBiomedical Engineeringmakutaga@ee.HP
Jin-Ping AO*Dr EngSemiconductor Devicesjpao@ee.HP
Takahiro EMOTO*Dr EngBiomedical Engineeringemoto@ee.HP
Katsushi NISHINO*Dr EngSemiconductor Material, Crystal Growthnishino@ee.HP
Yasuhide OHNO*Dr EngSemiconductor engineering, Nanocarbon devices ohno@ee.HP
Tian SONG*Dr EngMoving Picture Coding, VLSI Designtiansong@ee.HP
Kenji TERANISHI*Dr EngDischarge Plasma Engineeringteranishi@ee.HP
Optical properties of solid tomita@ee.HP
Yoko UWATE*Dr EngNonlinear Circuits, Chaosuwate@ee. HP
Hiroyuki YOTSUYANAGI*Dr EngDesign and Test of Computersyanagi4@ee.HP
Assistant Professors
Retsuo KAWAKAMI*Dr EngPlasma-Solid Interactions, Nuclear Fusionretsuo@ee.HP
Yasuhiro OKAMURA Dr EngOptical Communications, Optical Signal Processing okamura@ee. HP
Hiroshi SUZUKIDr EngRobotics, Control Engineering suzuki-h@ee.HP
Power Electronics, Motor Control yamaken@ee. HP
Technical Officers
Chisato AZUMA   azuma@HP
Takahiro KITAJIMA   kitajima@ee.HP
Akinobu KUWAHARAakinobu.kuwahara@HP
Takahiro MIURAmiura_tk@HP
Kaori SHICHIJOshichijo@HP
Yoshihiro YAMAGAMIyamagami.yoshihiro@HP
Takuya YAMANAKAt-yamanaka@HP

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